Jessica Olie

Jessica Olie

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During an incredibly stressful time in her third year of University, Jessica’s exercise regime went in to overdrive to help take her mind off homesickness and in general, finding herself in terrible frame of mind. To most people, a spin class would be plenty of exercise, but for Jessica it just wasn’t giving her the endorphin rush she was craving. A friend suggested she try yoga and Jessica responded with a laugh…'if spinning doesn’t give an endorphin rush that I crave, how will yoga?!’ Was the very reasonable thought. Further thoughts included - 'I don’t want to stretch’, 'I can't even touch my toes’, 'I just want to workout, sweat like crazy and lift things!’

It’s fair to say that yoga came into Jessica’s life at a time when she needed it the most. Whilst physically helping to shape her body, at the same time, shape her mind and attitude. For someone who absolutely hated stretching during their athletic career it’s quite ironic how things changed. People develop all sorts of addictions, most we know about are unfortunately detrimental to your health, however Jessica went the opposite way and became addicted to yoga, being hooked since February 2014.

A mixture of utilising YouTube, books and self-teaching, really helped Jessica develop her abilities and knowledge of Yoga, thus leading to her becoming a qualified yoga teacher in 2014. 

It’s quite remarkable that Jessica noticed an improvement in her mental wellness within the first few days of starting Yoga. She wanted to help people, giving them the confidence, the ability to normalise every day struggles, through forms of Yoga, and enjoy the positive impact that it can have on your life. The feeling of helping people achieve or overcome an issue in their life, big or small, is incredible and fast-forward to the present, Jessica is building ideas around taking her Yoga workshops in to female dominated environments, enabling the participants to reach greater levels of productivity and calm, in their day to day life.

Building a truly global audience since 2014, Jessica’s yoga workshops have taken her to Paris, Cape Town, Dubai, Melbourne, New York, L.A, Kentucky, Toronto, Maldives & of course London. Each workshop sold out, so a second date was added in each venue, to over 200 people per event!

A moment that made Jessica stop in her tracks and realise just how far she had come in achieving her goals, was during 2015 whilst living in Dubai. Passing a shop, Jessica noticed herself as the cover star of 'Women’s Health’, the holy grail in fitness & lifestyle magazine publishing.

Recent projects

Recent projects

The past few years of success have allowed Jessica to develop her own range of products, launching in November 2018. The spectrum includes Yoga mats, Yoga straps, Yoga blocks and sweatshirts. With an overly saturated market, Jessica is personally funding the venture to ensure that the quality of every item is as good and functional as possible, whilst also being ethically sourced.

When you spend time with Jessica you see a strong sense of ambition and work-ethic at her core. Over the next five years, her goals have been set, and they are big, including:

  • Number 1 best-selling book on The Sunday Times lists
  • Yoga community with global reach.
  • Global corporate partnerships - making yoga more accessible to all employees.

If Jessica’s story is anything to go by, the sky is certainly the limit for this warm, calm and incredibly engaging young lady.